20 jun. 2011

And the winner is.......

Today is the big day....

I am now going to announce the winner of my free greetingcardset and this person will receive his or her favorite greetingcard set.
I put all the names in a cup and my boyfriend took one piece of paper out. And the winner is....... LISA.
She makes beautiful pictures.
Congratulations!! Lisa please contact me by using my emailadres you can find on my contact page of my blog.

My last blog was about one of my favorite flowers in the garden Astrantia. Another favorite one is a bulbs. The allium. We have a different types and colours in our garden. The are so beautiful and delicate,specially when the are covered with raindrops.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Je hebt echt al je eigen stijl. Zo mooi gedaan, ook de kleuren. Hoe je het steeds doet, heel knap.

  2. Firstly, thank you so very much Andrea! I am truly thrilled!

    Secondly, these are so unusual to me. The allium we see here are enormous purple balls, and the ones here are so beautifully delicate. I love the way they look with the raindrops on them, and the light is just wonderful.

    Once again, thank you so much!


  3. Wow wat een prachtige kleuren.
    Mooie scherpte en scherpte verloop.
    It's like candy for my eyes.
    En lucky Lisa, wat een heerlijk cadeau.
    Groetjes en een mooie kleurrijke dag.

  4. SCHITTEREND! Die regendruppels! Zo mooi, ik wou dat ik zulke mooie foto's maken kon. Ik ben fan!

  5. The details and the water drops are very nice. Wonderful work.

  6. These photos are magical, Andrea! I always think of allium as magic wands and the way you've captured them with the water drops makes them even more so. Happy weekend! – g

  7. Hoi Andrea,
    Prachtige serie laat je hier weer zien. Echt heel erg mooi met het licht en ook die waterdruppeltjes op de bloemen.
    Ook hier kun je weer een prachtige serie kaarten van laten maken.

    Groetjes, Marco


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