26 apr. 2011


I hope eveyone had great days with Easter. It almost looked like summer. Everything is growing so fast in the garden and lots of libelles are flying around the pond. I took some pictures.

21 apr. 2011

Blossom in the Betuwe

The past few week has been a fairytail in the Betuwe where I live. It's the fruit area of holland. All the blossom was so gorgeous. It's almost finished now only the apples are still blooming. It's raining white leaves now. Also very beautiful too see.

15 apr. 2011

Tullips out of bloom splashing colours

I love Tullips out of bloom. I think even more then when they are blooming. The leaves structures becomes so delicate and beautiful. Almoys if they are woven with threads.
But you have to leave them for almost half a week after you think they are out of bloom to get this effect. Just watch them closely every day and see how they become more beautiful everyday. 
See the fine curly structured lines in the petals. Beautiful isn't it?
I hope you enjoyed these splashing colours. Have a great weekend.

8 apr. 2011

Anemone nemorosa royal blue

These delicate and beautiful small flowers are one of the first flowers which are blooming in the garden.
Have al great weekend and enjoy the sun and spring.

6 apr. 2011

Something blue

Some flowers appear in the garden en you don't know where they came from they catch you by surprise. And I love surprises.... Well not always... but mostly in the garden I do. :)

5 apr. 2011

Spring flowers

Spring is in our garden and how I love it. Every morning I make my round to see what is blooming already and which plants are showing the first signs that they are coming again. Always a surprise. The ground however is very dry and the garden needs a lot of water. Last week we had rain and you almost saw everything growing. So I hope it will rain tonight. 

Flowers which are blooming now in our garden:

Sanginaria plena (Bloedwortel) single flower & Sanginaria canadensis multiplex double flower.
They love the shadow and what I love about them is the way they grow. They treasure and cover the flowers with their leaves till they are ready to open. It's very sweat to see. But becareful as sweet as they are they are poisened. Their bloom is very short but lovely.

Bergenia Baby Doll (schoenlappersplant)
Sleeping in a bed of flowers

Epimedium grandiflorum(Elfenbloem)
Beautiful when they are covered with dew. They really look like small elfs.

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