12 mrt. 2012

Snowdrops fading away in the dark.

Last week on Tuesday I wanted to go to the botanic gardens in Utrecht but it was a mess with parking the car. I decided to go to Amelisweerd, the small forest where I used to live very close by. I was so glad I went to this place. I simple forgot how beautiful it is. The ground was covered with snowdrops almost out of blooming but then you know...... spring is coming.
The sun was shining but a lot of clouds were already on the way. I didn't need the sun too much anyway because I wanted to make some different shots with the snowflakes.
I played with the whitebalance because I like the colours to be cooler with snowdrops. And for the darker feeling I underexposed.
It turned out to be a great day laying on the ground between all these lovely white snowdrops.
Thanks everyone for visiting my blog and I would like to thank everyone who left a comment on my previous blog. I really appreciate it a lot.

9 mrt. 2012


2 weeks ago zoom.nl made my picture 'Dark Serenity' the redactions choise. It is one of my Dandelight serie which I made a few weeks ago.
Dark Serenity
Dandelight I
Dandelight II
Dandelight III
Aqua Serenity
Drama Queen
Dandelight IV
Dandelight V

1 mrt. 2012

My portfolio in the Noaber

I just returned home from a short holiday to the sun. And when I got home the Noaber (a regional magazin of Gelderland, Overrijsel and Drente ) was waiting for me on the doormat. I was really happy to see it,I couldn't wait because they placed a portfolio of my macro pictures in it. I feel so very lucky. Thank you everybody of the Noaber, Specially to Arie Ribbers and Hans-Peter Helder. 
I am very happy and proud to show you my portfolio here. Also my reportage from the beautiful place Hemmen in Gelderland is placed in this magazin. The artikel written by Wim Huijser, See also media on my blog.

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