15 sep. 2011

Where the journey begins...

Today I have started a new blog. I like to have a seperate blog where I can share my pictures and stories about nature and wildlife in the Netherlands and all other beautiful places around the world. And to keep my painted by light blog for my macro pictures.

Just a few minutes ago I launched my first blogpost. It starts with our journey in Tanzania.
I hope you like to join me on my journey. If you like to see it just klik here and jour journey begins......

13 sep. 2011

Back to the 'Roots'.

My second surprise I found on my doorstep when we returned from holiday was the new agenda from my favorite Dutch nature magazine.'Roots' is it called since this month but before that it was called Grasduinen. The new layout is beautiful and so is the new name. Congratulations and a my compliments with your beautiful magazin.
I didn't believe my eyes when I openend the enveloppe and saw the new agenda.  The cover was showing me my picture 'Floating on colours'. I was completely surprised because I really didn't know anything. And I feel so very honered. I still cannot believe my eyes. Thank you Roots. I just wanted to share my great joy with you all.

12 sep. 2011

Home from Holiday,surprise surprise

Last weekend we came back from our Holiday in Tanzania. It is a beautiful country with great wildlife, people and nature. The camera was working overtime with the both of us. Almost every day safari gamedrives. An amazing adventure. Later this week I hope I can upload some pictures. But so much to do before that. Sort out pictures, post prosesssing and we have lots and lots of pictures so it will take a while.

While arriving at home there were some big surprises for me. I felt so lucky.
The first was my favorite region Magazin Naober. A very inspiring, beautiful magazin which is published in our provinces Gelderland, Overrijsel and Drente. It shows you all about what is happening in  these 3 beautiful provinces in our country.
My first reportage shoot is published. A great artikel written by Wim Huijser on the Linge Routewalk. This summer I had the honer to make the photo's for the artikel. A great experience to walk along the Linge River, a beautiful part of The Netherlands. Thank you Arie Ribbers for giving me this great change.

Tomorrow I will share my other great surprise.
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