5 apr. 2013

Creatures out of space

Yess finally my new website in English is on line!!!

Because of this I will not post the total blogs here anymore because I would love you guys to come to my new site including the blog. However I will always place the first photo here so you know there is a new blog. 
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2 weeks ago I got the possibility to photograph praying mantis. I always find them fascintaing when I see them on all the different photo forums. Unreal how those small creatures are put together. I have often seen them on pictures but never in real life. The enthusiasm of  Marianne Brouwer and Mariska Boertjens is contagious so I was quite curious. It was so great that I had the possibility to look in your ‘small world of creatures’ Marianne, what a wonderful creatures you have.
Because it was too cold outside we couldn’t take them outside. That is why we have different settings made in the house. A world on its own, and for me still an unknown world. The great thing is that I have learned a lot again. Thank you so much Marianne. I found a great day. And already looking through the camera I fell from one surprise to another.

The Blepharopsis Mendica of the flower praying mantis-family
This mantis was approximately 3 a 4 cm big.

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