12 jan. 2013

It's going to be a splashing new year!

The past year a lot of great things happened. I met wonderful and interesting people for all the photograph reportages I made for the Noaber. I have won some prices which I am very proud of. I had 2 exhibitions which were both great.
The past 2 months I have been very busy with a lot of new things. Working for a fashion brand with designing graphical prints and beside that I was working on my new website which will be on line the beginning of February.

AND NOW a new year is ahead! With new challenges and the greatest thing what is going to happen is that I am starting with MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS. And I cannot wait to start. I really love to share my passion with you.

The workshops will start in the end of may. There will be a few possibilities.

Macro photography for beginners: Playful learning
Macro photography advanced: Flowing creativity
Macro photography 1 op 1: Private creativity

The titels are in English however the workshops will be only in dutch to start with.
If the website will be launched in februari you can read more about it :)

If you are interested please feel free to contact me by mail (id-graphickx@xs4all.nl) I will send you the information.

And a new exhibition has started in the health center of Odijk. Which you can read on the exhibition page.
New articles have been placed in different magazines. You can read that on the media page. So this year started great. And I have a lot of energy left so it's going to be a great year.

In december I went to the bird hideout of Han Bouwmeester. My first time. I don't really have a good birdlens so I could borrow the lens of my boyfriend a 300 mm nikkon and I could borrow a nikkon 400 mm. Thank you both so much. I was so lucky I could try them both this way. Wauw they were both great lenses. And it was so great to do. A great place to be.... Han. Thanks.

Some of my pictures I made there. A different kind of thing. Still a lot to learn but that's the fun!

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