5 dec. 2011

New Cardsets

I have been busy with making new cardsets. The old sets were almost sold out. So I have reordered them and have made 4 new cardsets which you can see below.
 set 1 Natural Jewellery
 set 2 Wonders of Delight
 set 3 Crispy Colours
set 4 Sunshine Delight
If you are interested you can find them on my etsy store or on my website.

17 nov. 2011

A different point of vieuw.

With photography you can make your own world. How you see it or how the camera sees is are two different things. The most important thing for me besides the subject is the background. This can make or break my picture. And of course you need to see how the light will be the best for your picture.
For exemple.
These two toadstools. They were standing on a small tree trunk covered with moss.  Low angle and with the camera towards the sky and treetops with no leaves on them. The background looks boring.
When I took a position a little bit higher,looking down on them and a bit to the left in front of them, my lens towards the ground were the sun was shining on the leaves I had this amazing vieuw. So you see what a background can do. 
Also this little one was taken two different angles.The first one you see the colours of the fallen leaves on the ground.
The one below is taken from a low perspective and leaves are colouring the background still hanging on the tree.
So you see what a background can do... Everytime a totally different picture.
Or this little caterpillar. Covered with dew and the backlight. A clear clean shot. However nog totally sharp.
Or you can choose for atmosphere. I mostly prefer this. This caterpillar was sitting in the heatland early in the morning. The backlight is shining through the heathland.
Some more autumn memories.....

3 nov. 2011

Natural jewellery

Sometimes natures gives you really treasures. You just have to look closely. Dew and backlight my 2 favorite ingredients...... early in the morning it is just like magic. Natural jewellery and it is all for free.

If you like to see my new blogpost on my travel blog click here:

26 okt. 2011

Something special.......

This weekend the weather was great again. So I took my camera and went off to the Leersumse Veld again. It was still very quiet en relaxed in the woods...... I love that. This time a wanted to do an other part of the Leersumse veld ( a big forest with heathland and lakes). You have a lot of different area's so  also different trees which means also a lot of different mushrooms. You can go there many times without seeing the same spot.
Anyway if I am going out with my macro lens I just need a couple of meters and I can enjoy myself for a couple of hours. Can you image how a big forest will look like to me.
Some people ask me how I make my flowerpictures, if I do something special? Well...... I don't. I just take my camera, jump in my garden and all I am doing is looking for the right light and background. Backgrounds and light are even more important to me then the flower itself alone. If the background isn't great I may take a picture but in the end it will always end up in my trashbin of my computer. Mushroom on the other hand are a different thing...... I thougt. I never had shot them before. So I bought myself a angle seeker (because a lot of people recommended this) and made myself a beanbag.
I ended up with using the beanbag for my knees because I am always sitting in the most impossible angles and ways you can image if I am photographing. And with mushrooms it is even more impossible because most of the time they are standing very low,......yes on the ground, and I never want to have a shot taken laying on my belly. This way I cannot move my self around it quickly enough and I dont' see enough angles. I always have to walk around or crawl around it. Or laying on my back with my head on the ground, trying to get lower than the mushroom. I already hear you say that's where the angle seeker is for. But this is also blocking me in my way. It may be a great thing if you want to take a shot right in front of the mushroom. If you want to use an other angle you have to take it of. So... yess my knees are very happy with the beanbag..... they don't look blue anymore.
And the angle seeker...... is not my thing yet. Maybe we will be friends later, but at the moment I don't have the feeling with it yet. I don't have many patience to use stuff around me or on my camera. It's a challenge for me to do it without anything, or maybe I am just used to do it like this.... Well okay... you can call me lazy... that's a way to see it too :)
Did I already tell you I looove mushrooms....... and that they are the new flowers for me at the moment????  I never expected to be the same kind of nurd as some photographers who are photographing mushrooms.  Exept... when they are using angle seekers it will look quiet more nice then when you see me with my face down and my 'bud' in the air. Or laying on my side and holding my head and arms in an impossible way......not breathing, because I don't want to move. So if I am doing something special???

21 okt. 2011

Magic Mushrooms

Finally some time again to make a new blogpost. I found a new challenge in photography. Now the flowers are almost out of bloom.... mushrooms are the new flowers to me. I really got the mushroom fever as many,many other people. It's so fun to do. To go to the forest. Looking for the good light and find all different kind of mushrooms. I really love it. I got myself a mushroom book but to be honest the all look the same to me when I am looking in the book so I just take pictures and sometime I can find the name.
I hope you will enjoy them.

Ametist zwam
Ametist zwam
I wish you all a very nice sunny weekend. I am going of the the woods again :)

15 sep. 2011

Where the journey begins...

Today I have started a new blog. I like to have a seperate blog where I can share my pictures and stories about nature and wildlife in the Netherlands and all other beautiful places around the world. And to keep my painted by light blog for my macro pictures.

Just a few minutes ago I launched my first blogpost. It starts with our journey in Tanzania.
I hope you like to join me on my journey. If you like to see it just klik here and jour journey begins......

13 sep. 2011

Back to the 'Roots'.

My second surprise I found on my doorstep when we returned from holiday was the new agenda from my favorite Dutch nature magazine.'Roots' is it called since this month but before that it was called Grasduinen. The new layout is beautiful and so is the new name. Congratulations and a my compliments with your beautiful magazin.
I didn't believe my eyes when I openend the enveloppe and saw the new agenda.  The cover was showing me my picture 'Floating on colours'. I was completely surprised because I really didn't know anything. And I feel so very honered. I still cannot believe my eyes. Thank you Roots. I just wanted to share my great joy with you all.

12 sep. 2011

Home from Holiday,surprise surprise

Last weekend we came back from our Holiday in Tanzania. It is a beautiful country with great wildlife, people and nature. The camera was working overtime with the both of us. Almost every day safari gamedrives. An amazing adventure. Later this week I hope I can upload some pictures. But so much to do before that. Sort out pictures, post prosesssing and we have lots and lots of pictures so it will take a while.

While arriving at home there were some big surprises for me. I felt so lucky.
The first was my favorite region Magazin Naober. A very inspiring, beautiful magazin which is published in our provinces Gelderland, Overrijsel and Drente. It shows you all about what is happening in  these 3 beautiful provinces in our country.
My first reportage shoot is published. A great artikel written by Wim Huijser on the Linge Routewalk. This summer I had the honer to make the photo's for the artikel. A great experience to walk along the Linge River, a beautiful part of The Netherlands. Thank you Arie Ribbers for giving me this great change.

Tomorrow I will share my other great surprise.
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