20 mei 2011

Painted Reflections

3 Weeks ago I went to a lake to shoot the cover of the book of Meer Fennema. She has written a book about coaching your own life. Here book will be released the 7th of June. It will be posted on my blog by that time.
These photo's I shoot the same early morning. It was a magical morning. If the lake and it's reflections were painted.
Have a great weekend!

16 mei 2011

AWD-Amsterdamse Waterleiding Duinen

Last week I went to the Amsterdamse Waterleiding Dunes. A beautiful big nature parc along the coast of Holland. This was the first time and I was lucky to have some tips from Albertine. I arrived around 8 o'clock and it was still very quiet. I spotted some Deers and walked with no card around the place but luckely I found my way home. After my walk the shop was open so for next time I have a map. There were also beautiful plants and a lot of ferns were unfolding. 
Hondstong - Cynoglossum officinale L.
Blossom on trees.
Ferns unfolded

10 mei 2011

Making Cardsets

Finally some time for my blog. I have been very busy with work and my photo's past few weeks.

I am making cardsets for sale. It's something I wanted to do for a long time, but I  had to make the time. I did it before, just for myself, but after many questions and suggestions from friends, I decided to do it.

And......a girlfriend of mine, Meer Fennema, who is a great writer and coach, asked me to design the cover of her book:
'More Clarity' Write in four weeks your life in a line. ('Meer Helderheid' Schrijf in 4 weken je leven op een rijtje.)
I'm so honored. So after we made a plan I had to go looking for a beautiful location to make a picture for her cover. 1,5 week ago I found it in the woods....a beautiful lake.

I had to wait for the right time to be there with the right weather. And it was sooo great to do.
I always wanted to take pictures very early in the morning but I am not a big hero alone in the woods around 4.30. So my great boyfriend suggested that he would go with me in his spare time. And I was very happy with that. It was such a great experience. The night before it was freezing, so I was hoping for fog.We went to a little lake 45 minutes drive from our home. O boy.... very early rising but it was worth it. AMAZING. The silence in the woods, the fog above the lake, it almost looks like wintertime again. If the trees and reflections were painted.
There was a smale island in the water and mama duck with her 15 babies jumped off the island into the water and disappared into the fog. It was so magical and I had almost tears in my eyes by seeing such great beauty in silence.We stayed there till half past six and went home again silently. It was so impressive. I will show them on my blog when the time is there.

For the cardsets I have chosen 10 sets with 5 photo's. When they are ready,which will still take a while, I wil anounce it on my blog. But till then I will upload some of my sets just to have an impression.
The first set.

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