13 aug. 2012

Morning Glory

First of all thank you so much for all nice comments on my last posted blog. Right after it we went on Holiday to Panama so I saw the comments just a week ago. A nice comming home. Thank you all.

So I just returned from Panama a week ago. It is an amazing country with great nature, beautifull and colourfull birds, butterflies you only can dream off but terrible to take a picture of because the never sit still and you cannot come close. And beautiful flowers although tropical ones are not my favorite to take pictures of, I prefer wild flowers. So my macrolens stayed almost the whole time in my bag. We made lots of trips in the rain forest and saw beautiful birds but  hard to capture because of the darkness. But we saw the quetzal, the most beautiful bird from Panama. Not great pictures but in my mind I have....
But the pictures will have to wait because I have to sort the out.
However last week I got up early because I wanted to shoot butterflies in the early morning on the heathland. I saw no butterfly but was surprised by the dragon and damselflies and played with them all morning. Amazing I have seen many foto's from dragonflies covered with dew but in real live it is even more beautiful... It was a great morning.
I hope you have enjoy the blog. Have a nice week.

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