13 jul. 2011

Meet the women behind the Sizani foundation

Last weekend my friend and I have taken pictures at the Sizani Foundation Openday. Sizani is a foudation for mothers and children of South Africa. The foundation Sizani is raised by 3 increditble Dutch woman, Els, Petra-Nelleke and Saskia, who have adopted their children in South Africa. They are raising money to financially support  South Africa Cares for life, a well-being organisation. This organisation is supporting people who need care. Especially Mothers and their children are supported by counseling, medicale care, foodparcels or education. They also give information about AIDS/Hiv and sexuality, to avoid the spreading of decises and unwanted  pregnancies.
A few projects in Mabopane, a township in the neighborhood of Pretoria, have started in 2005 under the name of Lesedi la Batho. (light for the people). Till the end of 2010 SACares for life have ruled the scepter in this area but at the moment the local people are running it themselves.
At the end of 2009 Els, Petra-Nella and Saskia visited the area and decided to raise a foundation and it has run for over a year now. In the Netherlands a lot of activities are organised to raise money for the foundation.
Besides that they are going ones in every two years to South Africa to see with their own eyes what is happening with the projects and which projects they can support more.

Seeing such great people working together for a beautiful and great cause, made me realise I really would like to add something.
So that's why I have decided to donate a part of my greetingcards sellings to the foundation. € 2,50 of every greetingcardset will be donated to the Sizani foundation. I have placed 5 new sets in the shop. So if you are curious just klick here or on the photo in the right corner. If you find it difficult to order by Etsy you can always mail me in personal and I will give you the information you need. You can find the mailadress on the contact page.

It was a great day with great people. Lots of games for the children. Very good african food and a great djembe workhop. The faces of the children were beautiful painted and glitter tatoo's were favorite. The day turned into a big succes.

3 great woman, from left to the right Saskia, Petra Nelleke and Els 
This is one of the new greetingcardsets. Just like the warm colours of africa but in my own garden.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. What a great group, and your weekend must have been wonderful!
    I absolutely love your new cards Andrea!! Gorgeous colors and tones.

  2. Hi Andrea,

    Wat tof om deze wereld vrouwen op deze manier in het zonnetje te zetten.
    En wat een tof idee om een gedeelte van je opbrengst te doneren voor dit goede doel.
    Zelf doe ik het ook altijd, bij verkoop doneer ik de helft aan Pink Ribbon, ik heb makkelijk praten natuurlijk want ik verkoop hooguit 4 keer per jaar wat en rijk wordt je zonder doneren daar ook niet van :-)
    Ik bewonder nu niet alleen meer je werk maar ook je inzet.
    LG, Karina


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