15 aug. 2011

Glowing in the dark

Glowing in the dark. That is what we need these days. It's is really sad and boring to see all the rain come down. The flowers are bending deep by all the heavy water drops they are carrying. But today the sun was back again. So time for a new blogpost.

YELLOW, yellow is not my colour and we don't have any yellow flower in our garden. But a few weeks ago I went to the gardens of Appeltern and there you have so many different type of flowers. And I always find it a challenge to capture yellow flowers. They are very hard to capture because the colour always reflects too much the sunlight and you often have pictures with overexposured flowers and bad contrast. So the best way to capture them is to underexpose. And try to capture them when they are in the shadow but that counts for all flowers. They always look better in the shadow when you take pictures. This way you will keep the contrast and the colours are much nicer. I hope you really enjoyed this day. I hope we will have some more sunny days. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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