17 nov. 2011

A different point of vieuw.

With photography you can make your own world. How you see it or how the camera sees is are two different things. The most important thing for me besides the subject is the background. This can make or break my picture. And of course you need to see how the light will be the best for your picture.
For exemple.
These two toadstools. They were standing on a small tree trunk covered with moss.  Low angle and with the camera towards the sky and treetops with no leaves on them. The background looks boring.
When I took a position a little bit higher,looking down on them and a bit to the left in front of them, my lens towards the ground were the sun was shining on the leaves I had this amazing vieuw. So you see what a background can do. 
Also this little one was taken two different angles.The first one you see the colours of the fallen leaves on the ground.
The one below is taken from a low perspective and leaves are colouring the background still hanging on the tree.
So you see what a background can do... Everytime a totally different picture.
Or this little caterpillar. Covered with dew and the backlight. A clear clean shot. However nog totally sharp.
Or you can choose for atmosphere. I mostly prefer this. This caterpillar was sitting in the heatland early in the morning. The backlight is shining through the heathland.
Some more autumn memories.....

3 nov. 2011

Natural jewellery

Sometimes natures gives you really treasures. You just have to look closely. Dew and backlight my 2 favorite ingredients...... early in the morning it is just like magic. Natural jewellery and it is all for free.

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