24 dec. 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear Blog Friends & Fans,

Thanks for your friendship the past year. Your comments and feedback, I really appreciate it. Specially because I don't have a lot of time to visit all the blogs by every new post, however when I take a look I always watch the older stories with photo's too but unfortunately i don't have the time to respond on every one of them even do I would love to.
I loved seeing your creative and inspiring foto's and reading your stories. I hope 2013 will be an even more inspiring year with, creativity, warmth and joy in what ever you do. Happy holidays. All the best. Andrea

12 dec. 2012

Treasures of the forest floor

I am as always behind with my blogs :) Winter is already here and i haven't post any pictures of the autumn. I haven't been much on the road for that. But I have visited the speulderforest which was already a long time on my lis. I went toe the leersumse veld also one of my favorite places. But not many fungus. In the speulder forest the other hand there were lots of them. The other thing was that I was less interested in them because it was booming on internet with all these pictures of them so I was trying to find other subjects and other challanges.
I seams already such a long time ago. The pictures have been taken in oktober and the beginning of november. I have been experimenting a bit with double exposure and bigger apurture just to try something different.
double exposure of the forest floor
F8 and double exposure
I loved the atmosphere like the trees were under water but the highlights are too much.
climbing the ivory tower
fungi frog (fun)
playing with lights,leaves and much under exposure
I love the darkness on the forest floor
Also the fragile ferns are very interesting subjects in autumn.
double exposure with zoom
frozen leaves on the forest floor
And finaly some fungus.
My favorite one.
I hope you enjoyed it. And  I hope snow will be coming soon again to make some winter pictures.

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