18 nov. 2012

Sparkling awakenings

As promised the new blog is about the beautiful morning on the heathland of Ede. It was truly a magical morning at the beginning of October. It already seams so far away if you see al the yellow and orange colors now. The heathland was totally covered in frost and the fog gave it just the magical touch I love. It was almost quiet except for the cars you hear from the road not far away. But after a few  minutes you totally block out all the sounds and you feel totally alone in this serene world. A few times I cough myself holding my breath. Nature can be so overwhelming. The morning started in icy pastels and they turned into warm colours.
The sun rose rapidly to the sky and turned everything into magic.
I used different kind of lee filters for the landscape pictures. I still find a way how to remember which one I have used for which picture because I swich a lot between 0.3, 0.6 and 0.9. sometimes I use them together. I am just experimenting a lot with them.
I took this picture of the spider web with white balance on cold color but afterwards I didn't like it and brought back the warmth in it and I was very surprise how the golden color appeared. 
When frost turns into water drops and the sun is shining behind it you don't know what you see. I think I fell in love again that morning, sorry my love ;-), but this time with nature, my hearth was bouncing for the beauty around me. Specially all the spiderwebs which were lighting up in the field. I couldn't get my eyes of them.
I underexposed a lot of pictures to get more contrast.
When the sun is shining behind all the water drops you get these beautiful bokeh cirkles.
And more spiderwebs. Sometimes I love to play with the colour. So below I changed the tint into a bit more purple.

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