20 jun. 2011

And the winner is.......

Today is the big day....

I am now going to announce the winner of my free greetingcardset and this person will receive his or her favorite greetingcard set.
I put all the names in a cup and my boyfriend took one piece of paper out. And the winner is....... LISA.
She makes beautiful pictures.
Congratulations!! Lisa please contact me by using my emailadres you can find on my contact page of my blog.

My last blog was about one of my favorite flowers in the garden Astrantia. Another favorite one is a bulbs. The allium. We have a different types and colours in our garden. The are so beautiful and delicate,specially when the are covered with raindrops.

16 jun. 2011

Astrantia Delight

The past week I was very busy with arranging everyting for my Etsy shop. Great to hear and read all those lovely comments. Thank you so much. If there are people who are interested in my cards in the shop but find it unpleasant to sign in and take all the steps you have to do before ordering you can also order it directly to me. Just send me an email which one you like to order and I will email you back.

So almost no time for photography. But past weekend I had a few hours so I jumped in the garden with my camera. It makes me so happy.
This is as you maybe remember one of my favorite flowers in the garden because they are so expressive and artistic to capture. I keep on taking pictures of them and everytime I try to capture it in a different way. You can take pictures of as many flowers as you can, but another challange to me is to give them a different face everytime. And from different kind of Astrantia.

Astrantia Roma:
Astrantia Major Ruby Star:
I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I do. Have a great weekend.

9 jun. 2011

Finally my Etsy shop is open.

Hi Everyone. I am so proud and happy to announce you my opening from my Etsy Webshop.
Today is the day were I have been waiting for. Maybe you too :)
At the moment I have placed 5 sets of greetingcards. In the future it will be possible to buy also real pictures from the cards and also many others will follow.

Below I will give you a previeuw of the sets. If you like please let me know which 3 sets are your favorite starting with your favorite one first.
On the 20th of juni I will put all names in a bowl and pick someone randomly and this person will be the lucky one who will get his/her favorite set for free. The winner will be announced on my blog again so make sure you keep an eye on it, and if the winner emails me the addresse he/she will receive it asap.
For a better look and more pictures per set see my Etsy webshop. You can push on the picture in the right corner with: My Etsy Webshop above. Or on the highlighted name above the picture.

First runner up: Painted Past.

Second: Soft Sense

Number four: Scent of Spring

And the last one number five: Floating on colours

Maybe I will see you in my shop. Enjoy! Thank you for your interest.
Have a great day!

6 jun. 2011

More Clarity Today!

Today finally is the day!

The new book of Meer Fennema will be released........
'More Clarity' Write in four weeks your life in a line. ('Meer Helderheid' Schrijf in 4 weken je leven op een rijtje)

 I had the great honor to design the cover of the book including taking the picture for it. A great challange.

A great book about writing your life on a line. You allready have all the answers inside of you and this book is a great tool to help you find them without hiring an expensive coach. You can be your own coach. I think a great thing these days!
One of the unique things about the book is the size. A4. It's a real workingbook with exersises.  It also has 130 empty pages so you will have enough space to make your exersises. If you are interested you can visit the site of Meer Fennema.

This is the photo which was shot at the Leersumse veld in the netherlands. ('Meer' in the netherlands language also means lake. The picture is used in oposite direction of the book so the more 'clearer' side is on the front.

The front cover of the book:
The cover of the backside:

Another great thing this week is that my Etsy webshop will be openened with fine art flower greeting cards. I will let you know. In the future you can go to the store by clicking on the foto in the right collumn on the top.
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