26 apr. 2012

Haller Forest Bluebell paradise

April the 17th on 4.00 o'clock in the morning the alarm went off. For a long time I had Haller forest in Belgium on my list. So time to go there. Everything went smoothly so I arrived at 6.15. The last part driving to the parkingplace through the forest was already beautiful because even in the twilight you could see the bluebells and white annemones on the ground. I took my stuff and went into the woods. You could smell the bluebells very softly. It was still cold and no sun yet.
You see many beautiful photographs of this place but still when you're there it is overwhelming how many bluebells there are. Everything is completely covered. It was the first time for me so I just went there to get an idea for the nice places. I knew they had cutted I lot of trees but still when you see it I have to say I was a bit dissapointed. A lot of trunks along the road and everywhere big tracks of tires. And the leaves where not that much opened yet. So not much green. And unfortunately there was only sun for a few minutes. But I was already very happy that is was dry. 
I have to say when I see so many flowers of the same kind I don't know were to start. If you see one flower, it is a challange for me to make the best out of it but..... here I was.... with flowers everywhere around me. I felt a bit lost. So I just walked... looking for nice spots for landscapes but.... I was missing the nice light. Also I missed the green on the trees and the ferns were not big enough yet..... I had no inspiration....... I really don't like that ....   :)  But I did find some very nice spots for next time and that will be.... next year.
little spider
Early in the morning when there was a bit sun
double exposure
I must say in the beginning I was more fascinated by the leaves then by the bluebells. Maybe because there were not so many and they were so beautiful green. When I was on my way to the parking place again, I saw on the other side of the road a more greener area so I went over there. I decided to make pictures of the leaves instead of the blue bells. Also because a lot of flowers were damaged when I was looking through my lens.Maybe because of the rain? The wind however was getting stronger en stronger.
And when I went into the blue bells again I saw these little friends.
Kiekeboe in blue
Even do I had not much inspiration it was a very nice day to remember. I can only image how it will look like when the sunbeams are shining through the trees early in the morning. It must be amazing. Now I have an idea for next year.

16 apr. 2012

Blossom moods

How much as I love to experiment there's nothing what gives me a bigger smile on my face then just my macro and me with nothing else. Of course a few photo's of the blossom here in the Betuwe can't miss. 
But the first one is from the botanical garden in Wageningen.
These white blossoms are from the old high tribe trees in de Betuwe in Zoelen.
The botanical gardens was one big explosion of colours. All different kind of threes were blooming. Amazing. These blossoms are from different kind of threes.
When I am photographing I am totally shutting myself of so I don't hear much what is happening around me. At a certain point I was 'awakening' by a loot of zoom sounds. When I looked up the tree was covered with bees. 
Not blooming yet but as you can see the colour it must be a great sight when it is blooming.

13 apr. 2012

Double exposure is rising into the world of photography

At the moment the Betuwe is turning into a magical place. I think after the weekend everything will be white of blossom here. It's great to see. So if you have time you sure have to be here.

Last year I have been experimenting a few times with double exposure. It is a really rising element in the world of photography.1,5 years ago when I entered the flickr forum, and I discovered the wonderfull pictures of the Germain Photographer Sandra Bartocha. She makes really beautiful pictures and uses also double exposure. 
In Holland Loulou Beavers is well know for this with her beautiful serie 'dreamtime'. And now days its coming up more and more.
Last Year I have experimented with it too. I don't find it easy to do at all. So most of the photo's went straight into the trash-bin. The ones I did posted were on zoom.nl. See below. I tried something with trees because I most like it for landscape photo's because it really adds a certain mood. 
Double exposure. ' Moving Trees'
Double exposure ' Magical Forest'
I also made a shot of blossom then.
That was the moment I knew I wanted to make photo's with blossom trees. I had a picture in my mind
I wanted to do it with the old high tribe trees (hoogstam bomen) So finally the blossom is here. And I made some shots. However it is still not what I have in mind because the area around is not totally what I am looking for. And I was looking for the evening backlight. But it is fun to experiment with and I hope I will get the opportunity as I have it in my mind.
double exposure ' Blossom mood'
I do get questions if I use it for my macro photo's. I did experimented with it and I placed one photo on zoom. see below. If I see it now I find it much too smooth and not my kind of thing. But it was the first time trying with macro. 
I did wanted to experiment with it because you do see pictures of double exposure were the shape of the main object is also in de background and then moved or blurred. I though it was only possible with double exposure but I found out that that wasn't the issue at all. So I prefer to do it without. I tried many times but always ends up by not using these shots because I love the 'normal' ones more. Maybe because I don't do it right.....that can also be the thing :)
double exposure 'soft and sensitive'
As everyone knows I really am a macro person. I do have times I go out in the field to make some landscape pictures. But the stupid thing is when I go on a trip my bag is much too full loaded. I don't want to miss any opportunity and especially not a macro one. So at the end of the trip it always ends up that I was laying in the field with my macro lens. That's because I see these things.... but for landscape I find it harder. That is also the reason why I go experimenting because it can surprise you and I love that. It works the same with my macro. I am not a person who have a total picture in my mind. Most of the time it arises in front of me while looking through the camera.

2 weeks ago I did a workshop with Loulou Beavers. Great! Nature and Landscape. She is really good in double exposure, long exposures etc and makes beautiful photo's with it. The way how she thinks I really like. Sometimes she forces herself to take one lens with here so she cannot do anything else and this way you have to be very creative. Great thought. I hope I will manege to do that some day :) Up till now I am still carring al the heavy stuff with me........ :)

Some experimental shots of autumn and winter....
You may or may not like them at all. I myself am not sure of all the shots except for reed rhythm.. I like that one. So I say shoot....... I am very curious.
Movement of the camera with long exposure of reed along the waterside ' Reed Rhythm'
double exposure. second exposure I zoomed in.

 2 totally different shots. trees and leaves, a bit to crouded

double exposure
double exposure 
macro photo double exposure
Macro, over exposure on the leave :( 
Thank you for visiting my blog.  Have a nice weekend.
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