17 jul. 2012

About poppies and Crickets

Rain... rain down on me. I love the song from Kane but the rain..... Hmm not that much. At the moment our garden is really a mess. The plants are too heavy of all the water they have to carry. Everything is more than 30 cm longer than it should be. And then the wind. It's not a very easy macro season unfortunately.
I think everybody has those weeks, months that you take pictures and no time to upload or make a new blog. For me it is almost a month ago, so it is really time for a new blog. In between the rainy days I went to nice places to see if there were poppies. I dreamed of a big field of poppies but however not this year. I am glad to see them more and more in holland along the roads. First there is the white and yellow and then you see red and purple. Beautiful. I have been shooting the poppies on different places. So I put every thing together.
 I also love my green little friend 'Jaapie cricket'. They are very fast and clever. It is fun and difficult to get them in a right spot to make a nice clear picture without all the grass in front of him.  
Red is not an easy colour to capture. As I see the pictures here after the upload there is not so much contrast as in the original. That's often a problem with red.When taking a picture I  underexpose it often to get more contrast in the red.
I hope you enjoyed the blog and that the weather will be more sunny. I hope it will be finally summer soon :)
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