9 jun. 2011

Finally my Etsy shop is open.

Hi Everyone. I am so proud and happy to announce you my opening from my Etsy Webshop.
Today is the day were I have been waiting for. Maybe you too :)
At the moment I have placed 5 sets of greetingcards. In the future it will be possible to buy also real pictures from the cards and also many others will follow.

Below I will give you a previeuw of the sets. If you like please let me know which 3 sets are your favorite starting with your favorite one first.
On the 20th of juni I will put all names in a bowl and pick someone randomly and this person will be the lucky one who will get his/her favorite set for free. The winner will be announced on my blog again so make sure you keep an eye on it, and if the winner emails me the addresse he/she will receive it asap.
For a better look and more pictures per set see my Etsy webshop. You can push on the picture in the right corner with: My Etsy Webshop above. Or on the highlighted name above the picture.

First runner up: Painted Past.

Second: Soft Sense

Number four: Scent of Spring

And the last one number five: Floating on colours

Maybe I will see you in my shop. Enjoy! Thank you for your interest.
Have a great day!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Hoi Andrea,
    Wat ontzettend leuk dat je nu je eigen webshop hebt. Hartstikke leuk joh!! Echt super!! Had al gelezen dat je je foto's op kaarten liet drukken, nou dat is zeker geslaagd, want deze serie's, met jouw unieke stijl, zijn ontzettend mooi geworden hoor.
    Mijn voorkeur (als complete set) in volgorde vind ik:
    (3) Fragile Freshness
    (2) Soft Sense
    (5) Floating on colours

    Groetjes, Marco

  2. Hoi Andrea,
    wat ziet het er schitterend uit!! Ik ben dol op jouw foto's en het is leuk om nu kaarten te kunnen versturen naar vrienden/familie ect.
    Ik vind ze allemaal iets eigens hebben, mooi bij elkaar gekozen deze series!
    1. Floating on colours
    2. Fragile Freshness
    3. Soft Sense
    Veel succes met de verkoop!

    Groet, Karin (alias Kate1965 ;-)

  3. Congratulations Andrea!
    What an exciting time for you with the book cover and your Etsy shop.
    On my way over to look around as soon as I leave here!

    My favorites?
    #4 Scent of Spring
    #2 Soft Sense
    #3 Fragile Freshness

    I wish you all the very best in your new venture!

  4. Gefeliciteerd met de opening van je winkeltje! Het ziet er geweldig uit. Met jouw geheel eigen stijl van fotograferen moet het toch lukken ! Zelfs de heel fleurige kaarten zien er nog dromerig uit, heel mooi.
    groetjes Albertine

  5. Congratulations, Andrea, and much success with your newly opened shop. The photo cards are all very fantastic, the choice is a torment:)
    But I decide for:
    1.Fragile Freshness
    2.Scent of Spring
    3.Floating on Colors

  6. Hoi Andrea,

    Als eerste dikke dikke complimenten wat ziet dit er prachtig uit.
    De site zelf is heel mooi en verzorgd, en de foto's.............werkelijk en lust voor het oog.
    Als ik binnenkort kaarten nodig heb dan ga ik niet meer naar Hallmark.

    Groetjes, Karina

  7. I place this comments for Tony,

    Hello Andrea,

    I followed your link and you have some amazing stuff on your blog. I am afraid I'm not quite au fait with these blogs and had some difficulty following it through but I wish you all the best in your endeavour. Incidentally I liked Fragile Freshness, Scent of Spring then Soft Sense but all are marvelous.



  8. Wauw, allemaal erg mooi! Mijn absolute favoriet is Scent of spring, zo zoet echt prachtig!

    1. Scent of spring.
    2: fragile freshness.
    3. Soft sense.

    Succes met je etsy-shop!

    groetjes, Leonie.


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