2 feb. 2012

Painted by Marja Burgers

A few months ago I got a lovely email from Jaap en Marja Burgers. I know Jaap from the www.zoom.nl site were I upload some foto's. Jaap apparently showed my pictures to Marja who is painting.

The idea was born that she really would love to paint some pictures of mine, so she asked if I was oke with that. I was so surprised. Who can say no to a big compliment like that. She was so enthusiastic and she had 2 favorites which she wanted to paint. Of course I was very curious and exited. You do not often get a change that your photo will be painted.

This week I got an email from Marja that both paintings were finished. And including 2 pictures of the beautiful paintings. I really was stunned. All those lovely details and beautiful colours. I really love them and couldn't wait to share them with you. They are very special to me.
Thank you so much Marja!

The first one is Astrantia Major Ruby. Marja made the painting horizontal,
Painted by Marja Burgers
but to see it together with the picture I will place it also vertical as the picture.
Painted by Marja Burgers
My photo Painted by Light
And the second painting is Autumn is Rising.
Autumn is Rising painted by Marja Burgers
My picture painted by light
Have a nice day and enjoy the sun!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Dat iemand jouw foto's als inspiratie ziet voor een schilderij is eigenlijk vanzelfsprekend. De foto's zijn zelf al schilderachtig mooi. Inderdaad een compliment en ook nog eens erg mooi uitgevoerd.



  2. dat zijn prachtige schilderijen geworden, en een groot compliment op je werk.

    Groetjes Von

  3. Het moet heerlijk zijn als je zo schilderen kan....
    Het moet heerlijk zijn als je zo fotograferen kan....

    Ja, en dan komt dat samen, geweldig!!


  4. Wat mooi! De foto's zijn al fantastisch, maar Marja weet er haar eigen interpretatie aan te geven, wat dan weer een heel bijzonder schilderij oplevert. Hetzelfde, en toch net weer anders.
    groetjes Albertine


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