8 Januari 2013

The exposition is closed now!

I am very happy and proud to announce that the new year starts with a new exhibition. This exhibition is showing 25 of my pictures in the health centre of Odijk. Thank you so much for this opportunity.
A small impression...
 also in the fitness room but I have no picture of it yet.
31 Augustus 2012                      The exhibition is closed now!

I am very happy and proud to announce that since today till the end of december the GGD in Tiel is showing 31 of my pictures in the exhibition 'Painted by light'. Mostly macro photo's but also some of my travelphoto's. It's open every day from 8.00 till 17.00. In the weekend it is closed.
A small impression you find here......

22 December 2011

The Exhibition is closed now.(march 2012)

At the moment till the end of March my first small exhibition of 15 pcs is hanging in the very nice fysiotharapybergstraat at Amersfoort. http://www.fysiotherapiebergstraat.nl/
They are hanging in the hall and in 5 treat chambers.
Fungi Floating & On waves of lightness & Autumn Kristals
Dreamfield II & Dreamfield 
White Velvet & Glowing
Fragile Freshness & Painted by Light
Into the light & Natural Jewellery
Floating on colours & Snailflower
Green Wings & Colourfull Wings

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