13 jul 2013

Finding my own light

The new blog is on line. This time something different.... I am always looking for the light in my pictures. This time the search to my own light in ....'finding my own light'


The dutch version you can find here:


16 jun 2013

Anemones Looking for the light

It’s been long ago and as usual I am late with my blogs. 21 april was a lovely sunny day that I have spent all day in impossible curves on the ground. Despite that I was really enjoying myself. Finally  the spring was there and the anemones were looking at the Sun. Here you will find an impression of that day. In can find the light in many ways and I love doing that. The atmosphere for me,is the most important and which is often determined by the environment. The sharpness therefore comes to me on the 2nd place though I try always to keep a sharpness for the depth.
I always go without ‘ plans ‘ in nature. O yeah ….. sure …. I want the anemones shooting but ….. that’s it. I do not think about how I am going to shoot things. How is that possible after all …… you don’t know what you are going to find. In my experience, you limit yourself if you go with the intention to do differently this time. Go with an ‘ open mind ‘ on the road and be surprised by nature. Just look. This way you will get the best images because you will do it from out of your hart not from out a believe or intentions. I am never disappointed but always surprised. And of course I also have days that not much is coming out of it, but then I’m not disappointed because I had no expectations.
If you like to read and see the new blog in total please check here for the Dutch version.
If you like to read and see the new blog in total please check here for the English version.
Do you like to take a look behind the scenes of the workshops please check here. for Dutch version
Do you like to take a look behind the scenes of the workshops please check here. for English version

5 apr 2013

Creatures out of space

Yess finally my new website in English is on line!!!

Because of this I will not post the total blogs here anymore because I would love you guys to come to my new site including the blog. However I will always place the first photo here so you know there is a new blog. 
But maybe even better...... you can subscribe to a Newsletter in English now, so you will be kept updated when the new blogs will be there. If you would like that please follow me here.

2 weeks ago I got the possibility to photograph praying mantis. I always find them fascintaing when I see them on all the different photo forums. Unreal how those small creatures are put together. I have often seen them on pictures but never in real life. The enthusiasm of  Marianne Brouwer and Mariska Boertjens is contagious so I was quite curious. It was so great that I had the possibility to look in your ‘small world of creatures’ Marianne, what a wonderful creatures you have.
Because it was too cold outside we couldn’t take them outside. That is why we have different settings made in the house. A world on its own, and for me still an unknown world. The great thing is that I have learned a lot again. Thank you so much Marianne. I found a great day. And already looking through the camera I fell from one surprise to another.

The Blepharopsis Mendica of the flower praying mantis-family
This mantis was approximately 3 a 4 cm big.

If you would like to see and read more of me and my friends in Dutch please follow me here......

If you would like to see and read more of me and my friends in English please follow me here......

26 feb 2013

Snow drop serenity

 Since I have launched my new website it has been quiet for a while. But behind the scenes everything is one the move. I had to develop a newsletter which has been send for the first time now. Very exiting. With this newsletter you will be updated about the new blogpost on my new site in dutch.
In the future my new site will be in English too.

What's new..... please note if you did not sign in for the newsletter yet.... maybe this is the time to do it. I would love it if you join me. And maybe if you sign in now, and you will be one of the first 50 signed up followers you will be the owner of a great hip smart phone cover with a photo on it from my collection. Want to know more ?.... Please follow me here and read all about it at at the end of this post were we are going. But sorry it's all still in dutch. But you can sign in anyway. If you like to have an idea how the newletter looks like take a look here.

After weeks not touching my camera i finally had the time to go on the road in the beginning of februari. I really wanted to shoot the snowdrops. On the road I was surprised by snow. So great. I had no chance to take pictures of snow yet so this was great both of them together. The forest looks like a fairy tail all 'dressed' in white.
The snowdrops were half covert by snow and the small flower buds were not opened yet.On my belly in the snow with my thermo pants and rain cover paints on I was pretty comfortable in the snow. However a snow pants would have been much warmer. But at my place there was not a touch of snow so I didn't bring it.

At first I start with over exposure this way you get nice fresh pictures with soft colours.
And then I underexposed because I love to make different moods.
A fun thing to do is to play with white balance this is another way to get great moods.
The photo's below are taken a week later when the snow was completely gone. It was very early and freezing so the flowers were still closed. But the nice rising sun brought colours in the corners of the shadow and the flower buds were awakening.
Using the backlight is still one of my favorite specially when the sun is just rising. But it was a very tiny sun but that just gave these really soft colours i love.
This is the end of the blog. I hope spring will begin soon. Thank you for visiting my blog.
If you like to see more new you can find it here.... 

8 feb 2013

My new website is online.

Finally the time has come. After weeks of hard work on my site it is finally online. It has a different name then my old site. www.andreagulickx-photography.nl But the old site www.id-graphickx.nl will remain.

Thanks to everyone who helped me. On my site you can reed more about it. http://www.andreagulickx-photography.nl/category/nieuws/nieuws-media/The difference is that it will be in dutch this time. Hopefully in the future it will be also in English.

This blog will remain in English but on the other site they will be in dutch.

You can sign in for the newsletter if you want to be updated about posts and everything what will be happening in and around Andrea Gulickx Photography. However it will be in dutch on the site but pictures don't need words i believe :) And I am planning to make an english newsletter also.

And not a surprise anymore but if you are interested in one of my workshops you can read all about it on my site now.

So if you are interested please follow me here. 

Have a nice weekend. 


12 jan 2013

It's going to be a splashing new year!

The past year a lot of great things happened. I met wonderful and interesting people for all the photograph reportages I made for the Noaber. I have won some prices which I am very proud of. I had 2 exhibitions which were both great.
The past 2 months I have been very busy with a lot of new things. Working for a fashion brand with designing graphical prints and beside that I was working on my new website which will be on line the beginning of February.

AND NOW a new year is ahead! With new challenges and the greatest thing what is going to happen is that I am starting with MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS. And I cannot wait to start. I really love to share my passion with you.

The workshops will start in the end of may. There will be a few possibilities.

Macro photography for beginners: Playful learning
Macro photography advanced: Flowing creativity
Macro photography 1 op 1: Private creativity

The titels are in English however the workshops will be only in dutch to start with.
If the website will be launched in februari you can read more about it :)

If you are interested please feel free to contact me by mail (id-graphickx@xs4all.nl) I will send you the information.

And a new exhibition has started in the health center of Odijk. Which you can read on the exhibition page.
New articles have been placed in different magazines. You can read that on the media page. So this year started great. And I have a lot of energy left so it's going to be a great year.

In december I went to the bird hideout of Han Bouwmeester. My first time. I don't really have a good birdlens so I could borrow the lens of my boyfriend a 300 mm nikkon and I could borrow a nikkon 400 mm. Thank you both so much. I was so lucky I could try them both this way. Wauw they were both great lenses. And it was so great to do. A great place to be.... Han. Thanks.

Some of my pictures I made there. A different kind of thing. Still a lot to learn but that's the fun!

24 dec 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear Blog Friends & Fans,

Thanks for your friendship the past year. Your comments and feedback, I really appreciate it. Specially because I don't have a lot of time to visit all the blogs by every new post, however when I take a look I always watch the older stories with photo's too but unfortunately i don't have the time to respond on every one of them even do I would love to.
I loved seeing your creative and inspiring foto's and reading your stories. I hope 2013 will be an even more inspiring year with, creativity, warmth and joy in what ever you do. Happy holidays. All the best. Andrea

12 dec 2012

Treasures of the forest floor

I am as always behind with my blogs :) Winter is already here and i haven't post any pictures of the autumn. I haven't been much on the road for that. But I have visited the speulderforest which was already a long time on my lis. I went toe the leersumse veld also one of my favorite places. But not many fungus. In the speulder forest the other hand there were lots of them. The other thing was that I was less interested in them because it was booming on internet with all these pictures of them so I was trying to find other subjects and other challanges.
I seams already such a long time ago. The pictures have been taken in oktober and the beginning of november. I have been experimenting a bit with double exposure and bigger apurture just to try something different.
double exposure of the forest floor
F8 and double exposure
I loved the atmosphere like the trees were under water but the highlights are too much.
climbing the ivory tower
fungi frog (fun)
playing with lights,leaves and much under exposure
I love the darkness on the forest floor
Also the fragile ferns are very interesting subjects in autumn.
double exposure with zoom
frozen leaves on the forest floor
And finaly some fungus.
My favorite one.
I hope you enjoyed it. And  I hope snow will be coming soon again to make some winter pictures.

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